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Wrocław City Consult Public On Beautification Proposals

Following the success of the "Cultural Park" project, Wrocław City Council are now looking at ways to improve the aesthetics of the whole city.

Just over two years ago Wrocław introduced the so called "Cultural Park" zone, the borders of which can be seen in the image below.

The new legislation was introduced to rid Wroclaw's old town of large and ugly advertisements. Aside from the massive billboard ads covering old buildings, the cultural park also banned smaller adverts printed on adjustable stands, such as those placed on nearby pavements by restaurateurs.

Ads on abandoned cars and bikes were forbidden too, while cars and vans that drive around with blaring megaphones was another advertising medium banned under the new regulations. On top of that, the rules stated that promotional activities such as handing out leaflets were not permitted either.

Since the new laws came into force there has been a noticeable improvement to many areas of the city, something that is illustrated rather well here.

Given the success of the project, Wrocław city council are looking at applying similar rules across the whole city. This needn't necessarily be a total copy of the Cultural Park however, as the city's press release states that any new rules could take into account each district's own character and needs.

Wrocławians can give their thoughts on how they think the city's aesthetics can be improved by filling in this online questionaire.


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