Komuny Paryskiej Clean-up Could Take Over A Week


According to Wrocław's local water authority, the damage from yesterday's pipe failure will cause a stretch of Komuny Paryskiej street to remain "impassible" until May 19th.

Thousands of Wrocławians were without running water for several hours yesterday after a 700mm pipe burst on Komuny Paryskiej, flooding the street and the basements of many homes.

The projected time for the completion of repairs was repeatedly put back as the true scale of the problem became apparent, and it wasn't until after 8pm that running water was properly restored to all of the city's districts.

Firefighters also quickly gathered at the scene to help pump the floodwater out of people's basements.

Yesterday evening Wrocław's water authority confirmed the clean-up on Komuny Paryskiej would take some time to complete, stating on Twitter that the stretch between ul.Pułaskiego and ul.Dąbrowskiego will be "impassible" until May 19th.

Gregor Gowans

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