New Places To Check Out In Wrocław This May


As usual at the start of the month, we're back with another round up of the new places on Wrocław's culinary map.

Here's a summary of just a few cafes, bars and restaurants that have opened in recent weeks:

Mała Czarna

Quaint looking cafe located in front of the Olympic Stadium that happily serves up all the coffee fads such as filter and drip.

Sandwiches at Mała Czarna come freshly delivered from the highly regarded Concept Stu Mostów, while they have a selection of pretty cakes to choose from too. Smokers will also be happy to hear the cafe incorporates a small smoking room, which will come in handy during the winter months. 


The latest place to jump on the pizza bandwagon, Biancamozzarella is housed inside the building on Szewska street that was briefly home to both an ice cream parlour and a coffee shop.

Given the amount of competition in the pizza market it will be tough for this new restauarant to make a name for itself. That said, a popular food blogger has given the place a tentative thumbs up, saying that he found the produce to be better than average and a tastier than he had expected.

Pogromcy Meatów

Pogromcy Meatów first opened in Warsaw two years ago and is spearheaded by Andrzej Andrzejczak, an experienced chef who has cooked for President Obama in the past.  

On the face of it, Pogromcy Meatów doesn't look the most appealing, as burgers and craft beer can be found at countless other places in Wrocław. That said, the Rynek based restaurant has been generating a string of rave reviews, with their duck sandwich in particular getting a lot of attention.

This place definitely looks one to keep tabs on and we are likely to be making a visit soon. 

N'Ice Cream Factory

Another Warsaw export to make the jump to Wrocław is N'ice Cream, an ice cream parlour that uses liquid nitrogen.

Prices at N'ice cream are roughly 2-3 times higher than your average 'naturalny lody' place, so they are very much aiming to take a slice of the premium ice cream market. Indeed, you can even order yourself champagne ice cream with edible gold for 50zł, which presumably tastes even better if you like the smell of your own farts.

Those not impressed by my pessimism will be glad to know this cutting-edge ice cream parlour has opened to a reasonably high degree of fanfare, although there are a few reviews from people saying the ice cream is too bland. 

Wilk Syty

The latest place to join the party in Nadodrze, Wilk Syty is a vegan cafe and restaurant that offers dairy-free pastries and cakes as well as a weekly vegan menu with affordable prices.

All of the cool cats were out in force here for the opening at Wilk Syty, but can they keep the punters coming through the doors? We'll have to wait and see.

MO Healthy Vegan

Another vegan option comes in the shape of MO Healthy Vegan on Ruska street, which specialises in vegan burgers. 

Gregor Gowans

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