The Cranberries Close Out Big Day Of Music In Wrocław


Irish band The Cranberries closed out a feast of music in Wrocław yesterday evening, just hours after 6,000 guitarists gathered on the Rynek to play Jimi Hendrix's 'Hey Joe'.

As has become tradition on May 1st, thousands of guitarists flocked to the city's market square to break the record for the greatest number of people playing a song on the guitar at the same time.

Last year an incredible 7356 guitar players took part in the event, making it an all time record. This time out it wasn't to be however, as 'only' 6299 people turned out.

Later in the day the attention turned towards Pegola and Hala Stulecia, where several rock and metal bands peformed in the early evening, including Italian outfit Lacuna Coil. 

The main attraction on the 1st day of Wroclaw's annual 3-day May music festival was nonetheless The Cranberries, who were performing their 1st concert for years.

The concert didn't get off to the best of starts however, as there were noticeable sound problems – particularly on the 1st song. Lead singer Dolores O'Riordan also struggled to get the crowd to sing along to some of the band's hits as the majority of the audience were unfamiliar with the lyrics. On top of that, the dissapointingly cool weather appeared to stifle the atmosphere somewhat.

Having the said that, the band plugged on and the gig soon livened up, while guitarist Noel Hogan was in fine form throughout. The Cranberries' biggest hits, 'Zombie' and 'Dreams', also got the audience's pulses racing.

Gregor Gowans

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