World Guitar Record – Live From Wrocław Rynek!

Over 7,000 guitarists are expected to take part today in Wrocław​'s annual Hey Joe Festival. Once again a World Record attempt will be made for the highest number of guitarists playing the same song at the same place. 

Throughout the day there will be various live performances as part of the build up to the main event. Anyone who fancies going to the Rynek to watch can of course do so, but the area around the stage is for participating guitarists only. The actual record attempt is expected at 4pm, with a full rehearsal taking place 15 minutes before that. 

Keen to see what's going on? Well, we have a live stream embedded on this very page. So if you are worried about the weather turning bad, or you just want to see what the vibe is like – you can watch all the action live on Wrocław​ Uncut via the YouTube stream below!

Later in the day the attention turns towards the series of concerts at Pergola, where headline act The Cranberries are on stage at 9pm. We will of course report on all the day's events tomorrow on Wrocław Uncut. 

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Gregor Gowans
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