Wrocław Panthers Gear Up For Action In New Stadium

The Wrocław Panthers, the city's premier American football team, are eagerly awaiting their debut in the newly renovated Olympic Stadium.

Having established themselves as the best American football team in both Poland and Europe in 2016, the Panthers are now looking for another season of success in the new-look Olympic Stadium.

The Panthers are no strangers to the Olympic Stadium, having played there several times in past seasons. However the newly-renovated arena will provide significantly more comfort for both players and fans when it makes its bow this Saturday afternoon. 

The 11,000 capacity stadium features a new roof, new seats and countless other improvements over its predecessor – making it the best home venue the Panthers have had in their history.

Nick Johansen, the Panthers' head coach, has talked of the benefits the stadium's fully marked field brings to the team's training sessions. One of the Panthers' American contingent, Deante Battle, was also very impressed by the facility: "I knew the sport would grow but to have a stadium like this one here in Europe, I couldn't have imagined it. I've played in a lot of places in Europe and there are not many teams that have a stadium like this – one that is dedicated to American football."

The Panthers' first match is set to be a tough one – they will take on Innsbruck based side Raiders Tirol in the Central European Football League. Nick Johansen used to coach the Raiders, and he believes that the match will be a "great test" for the Panthers.

Saturday's match will kick off at 7pm, however a number of attractions are planned in the area around the stadium in the hours before the big game. A large number of food trucks will gather for a food truck festival, while there will be a variety of American football themed kids activities too. 

Tickets for the game in most sectors of the stadium cost 20zł (15zł for concessions), while group tickets are also available. Fans can either buy their tickets online or simply pay at the gate on the day of the game.

Gregor Gowans

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