3 Wrocław Men Found Guilty Of Sex-Trafficking

Three men from Wrocław have received jail sentences of several years after they were found guilty of facilitating sex trafficking.

The horrific news of sex-trafficking in Wrocław first broke last year, when Gazeta Wrocławska reported that young boys from Wrocław were lured to Essen in Germany under false pretenses. Once there, the boys were were forced into being photographed for porn websites and (in one case at least) sexually abused by clients of a gay escort agency.

According to reports published last year, a police investigation found that the ringleader of the trafficking operation is a German citizen, however three men from Wroclaw were identified as having played a pivotal role in luring in the vulnerable teenage boys under the false pretense that they would receive jobs in Germany. The three local men are reported to have earned 75,000 euros for their shocking crimes.

Malgorzata Klaus, a spokesperson for Wrocław Prosecutor's Office, claimed the traffickers preyed on boys generally aged between 16-18 who were living on the street. One of the victims was younger than 15. Two of the boys left for Germany after being promised work on a construction site, while two others thought they would be paid to smuggle drugs out of the Netherlands. There were also two boys who agreed to work for the escort agency, but only provided their clients were women.

However it is said that once the boys boarded the bus for Germany they were told in no uncertain terms what their work would be. The boys were forced into being photographed for pornographic websites, which the prosecution claimed amounted to the creation of child pornography. One of the nine victims was even subjected to violent sexual abuse according to Gazeta Wroclawska's article. 

The three men accused of trafficking the boys learned their fate this morning when the judge ruling the case delivered his verdict. All of the defendents were found guilty, however they received different sentences owing to the amount of their involvement. One man will be jailed for 4 years and another 6, while the man most involved received an 8 year sentence. All three of the men will also have to pay 5,000zł compensation to their victims. 

Meanwhile, the aforementioned German citizen thought to be running the sex-trafficking operation, Hans G, remains a free man. Back in 2008 Hans was held under custody on suspicion of sex-trafficking, however he was allowed out when his 20,000zł bail was met. According to Gazeta Wrocławska, Wrocław's district attorney's office are pursuing a Polish and European arrest warrant for Hans. G, while evidence linking him to the case will be sent to the court.


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