Does Wrocław Have Enough Shopping Centres?


Local specialists in urban planning and real estate have offered differing views on the continual construction of smaller shopping centres across Wrocław's various districts.

If there's one thing most people living in Wrocław can recognise, it's that the city isn't short on shopping malls. The amount of choice is nonetheless set to grow still further.

In October the new Wroclavia centre will open opposite the train station, increasing the amount of the city's retail space significantly. On top of that, smaller scale shopping centres such as Galeria Pilczycka, Pasaż Królewiecki and Galaktyka Park have been popping up in various districts across Wrocław.

So is the retail boom a good thing for the city? 

In an article published on yesterday, Marlena Joks of Lower Silesia Real Estate Brokers Association spoke out against the continual construction of retail developments in Wrocław.

To support her argument that there is a glut in the market, Marlena cited the fact that the amount of retail space in Wrocław is almost 4 times higher than the EU average (800 sq metres per 1000 people as opposed to the average of 203sq metres). She also claimed that new shopping centres can suffocate districts by taking up space that could be used for parks, local markets or independent shops.

However, urban planning specialist Michał Dębka believes there is space on the market for more shopping centres – provided they are small and located nearby (or even part of) the new housing developments on the outskirts of the city.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. 

Gregor Gowans

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