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New Places To Check Out In Wrocław This April


As the temperatures rise a string of new food trucks have inevitably sprung up in Wrocław, but there are a number of new restaurants and fast food venues to check out this month too.

Here's a summary of just a few places that have opened in recent weeks:



Advertised as being camped out near park wzgórze słowiańskie in Nadodrze, this new food truck specialises in dishes with cheese. Cheese sticks, tarte flambee and raclette are among the items currently on the menu. The prices look appealing and the concept appears interesting too – certainly more so than another burger food truck.


Namaste Nepal

Love Indian food? The amount choice in the city is growing everyday – even outside the city centre. A case in point is the recently opened Namaste Nepal, located nearby Magnolia Park. Is it the real deal though? Please let us know if you've been.



More places are slowly but surely opening with confidence in the Traugutta district, and this pork-focused eatery comes hot on the heels of Folgujemy, another 'Bermuda Triangle' restaurant. Offering traditional Polish fare at very reasonable prices, this is certainly a place to check out for those who love the local cuisine.


Zapiekanki Luksusowe

Another new place trying to earn a slice of the 'luxury zapiekanka' market. Can this food truck come up trumps against ZZ-Top and Pół Metra though? Their Facebook page doesn't seem to have much to shout about.


Volare Ristorante Pizzeria

The most recent addition to Galeria Italiana on Wiezienna street. True Italian class or overpriced tourist trap? If you've been, please let us know your thoughts. 


Seasons Foodtruck & Catering

New food truck focused on 'slow food' parked near the University building that hugs the river between Pokoju bridge and Grundwaldski bridge. Promising to deliver an evolving menu dictated by seasonal ingredients, this food truck could lure in more repeat visitors than most. 


Miseczka C

Located nearby Seasons Foodtruck & Catering is another food truck – Miseczka C. A mobile eatery that's commendably sought a niche for itself, Miseczka C specialise in ball-shaped fritters and accompanying dips.



The Portuguese are certainly beginning to make their presence felt in Wroclaw. Last year both Taszka and Pinto Peri opened up, while Portuguese shop and market stall Pan Pedro dates back even further. Now Wrocław has its first Portuguese food truck in the shape of Gastruś, which offers bifanas and more.



Ideally located for students based in the Grunwaldski area, Przegryź is a no-nonsense self service canteen selling classic Polish dishes at knock-down prices. 


Revel Toast

Revel Toast is an ambitious toasteria looking to create some unique concoctions between two slices of grilled bread. The Szewska street building occupied by Revel Toast has seen a string of restaurants come and go – so they could have their work cut out if they want to be a permanent fixture in the old town. The initial signs are good though as the place has enjoyed plenty of favourable reviews.

Gregor Gowans

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