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Riverside Laden With Trash After Warmest Weekend Of 2017

The company responsible for cleaning Wyspa Słodowa have been reprimanded after they failed to deal with the spike in trash generated last weekend by revellers drinking outdoors in the warm spring air.

Temperatures last weekend surpassed 20°C, which understandably lured many people down to the river for a few drinks.

According to Gazeta Wyborcza, on Sunday morning it took over 4 hours to clean all the empty bottles and other rubbish that was scattered across Wyspa Słodowa. Gazeta Wrocławska also reported heavy littering at Dunikowskiego Boulevard. 

Małgorzata Szafran from Wrocław City Council told the media yesterday that the company responsible for cleaning the riverside areas would increase the amount of collections as well as the number of bins.

While drinking alcohol in areas such as Wyspa Słodowa and Dunikowskiego Boulevard is technically illegal, many Wroclawians happily do so in the comfort that they will get away with it if the numbers of people drinking are high enough.

A highly publicised court decision in Warsaw, which concluded that drinking by the river Wisła is indeed legal, may also have contributed to the crowds that gathered by the Odra last weekend.

Local police have nonetheless claimed that the Warsaw ruling has no jurisdiction here in Wrocław, so those who drink in public places are still liable to get fined.

Want to know more about the laws regarding drinking alcohol outdoors? Check out this archive article from 2015.

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