Wrocław Theatre Museum Open On March 29th

Wrocław will soon have another attraction in the shape of the Theatre Museum, which opens next Wednesday

Located on pl. Wolności near the National Music Forum, the museum is a homage to Henryk Tomaszewski, a famous Polish mime artist and theatre director.

Born in Poznan, Tomaszewski moved to Wrocław in 1949 and went on to teach ballet and as well as develop his concepts in mime. His ideas of mime were explored via his Mime Studio, which eventually became the Wroclaw Mime Theatre. In 1959 the theatre was granted state status.

According to, the main purpose of the museum is to "present and promote the achievements of the Wrocław theatre scene, which is considered one of the most important in Europe, with particular emphasis towards the outstanding artist Henryk Tomaszewski."

The museum will party be a replica of Henryk Tomaszewski's flat, while other areas of the building will be dedicated to various artefacts that explain the story of theatre in the city over the years. On top of that, the museum will be used as a venue for educational programs and workshops.


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