Wrocław Bus Bomber Due In Court Today

The 23-year-old student who last year planted a home-made bomb on a Wrocław bus is facing trial today.

The bomber is being named as Pawel.R, a chemistry student who was studying at Wrocław's Technical University. He will be prosecuted for the attempted murder of multiple people with explosives, a crime that could see him handed a prison sentence of anything between 12 and 25 years.

Many of our readers wil recall that last May the driver of bus 145 was alerted about a suspect package as the vehicle was moving from Dworcowa to Małachowskiego street. The driver then immediately stopped the bus and threw the package in front of the vehicle, after which there was a small explosion. Miraculously, nobody was seriously hurt – only one person recieved minor injuries.

According to Gazeta Wroclawska, the bomb the student constructed was almost an exact replica of the one that killed three people at the Boston Marathon in 2013.

Before planting the bomb on the bus, Pawel.R called the emergency services and insisted he would set off four bombs in the city unless 120kg of gold was dropped off at a specific location. According to reports, the bomber also uttered the words "This is not a stupid joke, this will be second Brussels if you don't pay" during the phone call.

It is also reported that the bomber wrote "I hate people because they hurt me" in a letter that he sent to his family while in custody.


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