Open-air Concerts To Mark 1st Day Of Spring

Tomorrow a series of concerts will be organised on Wyspa Słodowa to mark the first day of spring.

Starting from 15.00 and finishing at 22.00, the event will feature a string of local artists. Food trucks will also be on hand to provide hot-food and refreshments.

The line up is extremely varied and includes hard rock bands, punk bands, a post-grunge outfit and even a boy band.

The program is as follows:

15.00 – Trapped
16.00 – Black Street Noise
17.00 – Klin
18.00 – The Lottery
19.00 – Ras TAB
20.00 – The Stupids
21.00 – Mescalero 

In the past Wyspa Słodowa on the first day of spring was synonymous with an invasion of students, both over and under age, who would flock to Island to have a beer or two – even during class time. Events such as the one mentioned above, combined with an increased presence, have however quelled the numbers of youths going for a cheeky open-air beer on this popular day.


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Gregor Gowans

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