Beer-Drinking Dwarf Stolen

Rynek based brewpub and restaurant Złoty Pies have offered 500zl to anyone who can find their dwarf, which disappeared on Tuesday.

The dwarf in question, a relatively recent addition to the market square, is the one modeled clinking his beer glass with a dog. At the time of writing the dog statue is still there, but his dwarf companion has been ripped out of the ground. 

Złoty Pies’ dwarf is one of many new sponsored ‘corporate’ dwarves, which can be easily purchased from the city provided the asking price is met. The list of companies that have their own dwarves includes Borek Shopping Centre, LG, Bierhalle, Barton Ice Cream, Lama Media interactive agency, Piast and Pasaż Grunwaldzki.

Unfortunately the Złoty Pies dwarf is not only the one in the city to have been stolen. According, three other dwarves are currently listed as stolen (SolidaristGastronomer and Swordsman).


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Gregor Gowans

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