Ryanair To Launch Wrocław-Lviv Route

Budget airline Ryanair are to start flights between Wrocław and Lviv this autumn, a move that could see them go head to head with competitors Wizzair.

Earlier this year Wizzair announced they would will start flying between the two cities in April, with the service running on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Ryanair will operate their flights on the same days, as well as on Thursday, when they launch their service at the end of October. 

At the time of writing, Wizzair's online booking system indicates that their service between Wrocław and Lviv will end just 3 days before Ryanair start theirs.

However it is not yet clear if Wizzair will stop flying between the two cities, leaving open the possibility of 5 flights operating between Wrocław and Lviv every week.

The interest in the route is further evidence of the growing amount of traffic between the Ukraine and Poland, most of which has been generated by Ukranians now living and working in Poland. 

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