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Cloud Theater: Theatre, But Not as We Know It

Cloud Theater, a theatre group who embrace modern technology to produce a truly unique on-stage show, return to action here in Wroclaw on March 30th with their latest production.

The group, who formed last year, see themselves as a "modern organization that harnesses artists of different media to create an artistic message".

Cloud Theater's first production, ‘The Short Outline of Everything’, combined a mixture of theatre, film and visual arts. The success of the show last year took the group to numerous theatre festivals, namely the Boska Komedia (Divine Comedy) Festival in Krakow, CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival as well as the Polish-German Unithea Theatre Festival in Frankfurt.

In their own words, the theatre group "seek to condense the creative potential of the human and technological cloud and use it to distill a new means of artistic expression. The creator does not ignore the script but fills it with more meaning than a text version would ever contain. He begins work from a "formless hunch” (inspired by Peter Brook) and sees it as a journey from intuition to awareness."

Cloud Theater is spearheaded by Wroclaw based director Teo Dumski, an artist devoted to researching the acting techniques of Michael Chekhov in the light of psychological and spiritual teaching. A graduate of the National Academy of Theatre Arts in Wroclaw, Teo is the brains behind several renowned formal experiments, especially regarding the creative application of new technologies in theatre.

In their first spectacle Cloud Theater endeavoured to tell the story of the past – from the dawn of the Universe until today. However their latest production, “Tech is a Being”, is very much a story of the future. The show depicts human fantasies by the elusive means of improvised live music, lighting and live directing.

Interestingly, the actors do not speak during the performance, as Cloud Theater believe "breaking free from language leads to successive levels of liberation – both from body and from gender."

The spectacle touches on various scary visions of the future, inlcuding fear of an apocalypse, nuclear war, machines taking over, artificial Intelligence and aliens. The show intends to stir the mind and spark questions on the role of mankind and technology amongst other things.

Tickets for the show, which is to take place at Centrum Technologii Audiowizualnych, cost 50zl (35zl for concessions) and can be bought online here.

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