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4,000 Attend Wrocław’s Women’s Day Demonstration

According to reports, some 4,000 people took part in yesterday's Women's Day demonstration in Wrocław, during which protesters criticised the Polish Government and demanded equal rights for men and women.

Marta Lempart, one of the organisers of the event, is quoted in Gazeta Wroclawska as saying that the aim of the protest was to "demonstrate against populist governments that hate women." She also called for equal pay and equal rights in the workplace for both men and women.

Gazeta Wroclawska also interviewed a male construction worker at the protest, who spoke out against strict gender roles and stereotypes in the workplace. He told the local newspaper: "Some positions are created specifically for one gender, however one's ability just depends on the person. For example, as a builder I personally know women work very well on site and I also know men who do not bother putting the effort in."

The demonstration began on Powstańców Śląskich at 16.30, before protestors marched towards the Rynek. During the protest demonstrators reportedly held up banners with slogans such as "PiS lies" and "My Body, My Choice".

Many of those present were motivated to show their opposition to the Polish Government's plan to ban prescription-free emergency contraception and to scrap state funding for in-vitro fertilization.

Yesterday's demonstration, as well as the women's strike, was organised by people from the "Black Protest" movement. They were not alone in their actions however, as people from countless countries took part in a global world-wide women's strike and protest, which called for numerous demands to be met all over the globe. These include equal pay for men and women, free access to abortion and in vitro treatment, as well as the re-allocation of state funds from the church towards the protection of women suffering from domestic violence.


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