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New Places To Check Out In Wrocław This March


Well February passed quickly didn't it? Seeing as it only takes a few weeks in Wroclaw for multiple venues to open & close, we are back today with our latest look at what bars, cafes and restaurants have recently sprung up.

This month's round up features hipster eateries, street food, fast food as well as restaurants for fine dining.

Which of these places look like they could float your boat? Please let us know in the comments section.

KRASNOLÓD, Komuny Paryskiej 10

Spring appears to be finally coming to Wroclaw, which inevitably means its time for some new ice-cream parlours to enter the fray and try to earn themselves a slice of what is already a very competitive market. 

KRASNOLÓD are no newcomers however, having burst onto the scene last year with a simple ice-cream stall that earned rave reviews.

On the back of that success, KRASNOLÓD have now set up their own small cafe to allow people to enjoy their produce no matter what the weather. Located on the fringes of the infamous Bermuda Triangle district, this is one of the best places for ice-cream outside the city centre (and some would say in the entire city). 

Coś Słodkiego, Dembowskiego 18/1

Another new ice-cream parlour on the scene is 'Coś Słodkiego' (something sweet).

Located in the leafy Sepolno district, this place will hope to draw in summer crowds that flock to attractions such as Hala Stulecia and the Japanese Gardens, which are both just a ten minute walk away.

If ice-cream doesn't take your fancy, they also offer cakes and various other alluring desserts. 

Mamine Smaki, Pomorska 27

A new Polish restaurant that promises to provide traditional dishes in a homely atmosphere.

Prices for most of the main meals are comfortably below the 20zl mark, making this a very affordable alternative to the trendy new hipster joints that are now dotted around Nadodrze. 

Folgujemy, Kniaziewicza 16

Is gentrification slowly but surely waving its magic wand around the Bermuda Triangle district? In the evidence of Folgujemy, it could well be the case. 

Open early doors for breakfast at 7.30am, this cafe, bar and bistro has a vibrant menu of interesting cuisine from around the globe. If you dine in a group, Folgujemy also boast a curiosity fuelling "ideal picnic" option that includes a variety of little dishes to tuck into.

The prices don't seem to be too over the top, while craft beer, cider and wine are available too – making this place worth some serious consideration. 

Pasibus Pasaż Grunwaldzki, Pl. Grunwaldzki 22

The Pasibus team continue their relentless expansion with their latest venture in Pasaż Grunwaldzki.

Having slug it out in a humble food truck over the cold and dark winter months a few years ago, Pasibus have come a long way. Their burgers are tasty and affordable, a simple combination that ensures they have plenty of happy campers in their restaurants no matter where they are in the city. 

That said, as Pasibus continues to grow the fear is that they could well become the same type of bland burger chain that they originally set out to distance themselves from. 

Pasibus Stacja Ruska, Włodkowica 39

If you thought us using the word "relentless expansion" about Pasibus was us going a tad overboard, then just take a look at this second Pasibus opening in one month!

Clearly the Pasibus team are really on a roll right now, will Krakow and Warsaw be next? Perhaps world domination? We'll be keeping our eyes peeled as this appears to be a Wroclaw business success story. 

In the meantime, this latest branch is more spacious than the one on Swidnicka street and is nicely located at the end of Włodkowica street, an area that is home to a number of cool venues. 

Pół Metra, Ruska 49

Krakow's Nowy Targ square will forever be Poland's Zapiekanka central, however Wroclaw could certainly do with a few more places specialising in this cheap and cheerful snack food option.

ZZtop got the ball rolling here a couple of years ago, however nobody dared follow suit until the recent opening of Pół Metra on Ruska street. 

Can this new snack food bar become Wroclaw's Zapiekanka king? We'll just have to go there and find out. 

ZZtop Grunwald, Skłodowskiej curie 11

Meanwhile the aforementioned ZZtop have set up another branch of their Zapiekanka fast-food bar in the University area, which is bound to go down a treat with students. 

PoliOli Cafe, Armii Krajowej 8 c

Located in the Gaj district, PoliOli Cafe appears to be a clean, modern and minimalist style cafe that's embracing current trends. 

There are of course many places doing that, however most of them are in and around the city centre, so PoliOli Cafe could become a local favourite if they play their cards right. 

Cherry Lounge Bar, Kużnicza 10

For many years Cherry club has thrived on its reputation as one of Wroclaw's most pretentious nightlife venues; a meat-market with awful music and a turgid crowd packed with people noticeably desperate to pass off as a minor celebrity.

Having focused only on parties for some time, Cherry are now branching out into the restaurant business with this neighbouring lounge bar. It sounds like a recipe for disaster, but the restaurant's photos do appear to show a genuine attempt at some seriously high-class cuisine. So perhaps this new swanky venue could spring a surprise and take on the city's more established classy restaurants.  

Even so, Cherry Lounge Bar does sport the same kitsch interior as the nightclub, leaving the place looking like the type of restaurant that a dresiarz (Polish chav) would think is classy.

This list was sourced from the excellent local food blog

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