Brave Festival 2017 Cancelled

According to Radio Wroclaw, the Brave Festival will not take place this year and will now only be run on a biennial basis.

An article on Radio Wroclaw's website claims that a lack of public funding is responsible for the cancellation of this year's festival.

The Brave Festival, which has run for some 12 years now, is an ethnic festival that strives to promote art, music and culture from persecuted groups. Every year the festival has sought to showcase colourful performances from artists and performers from all over the globe, bringing some truly unique acts to Wroclaw along the way.

However, not everybody can relate to some of these more exotic and unfamiliar art forms from distant cultures. That unfortunately makes Brave more of a niche festival that's less financially viable than other events such as the New Horizons Fim Festival, Jazz on the Odra or the Thanks Jimi Festival.

That naturally means that public funding is vital to the survival of the festival. Throughout its history Brave has been able to operate thanks to donations from the Ministry of Culture, Wroclaw City Council and the Lower Silesia Marshal's Office.

However Brave will now only run every second year due to the loss of some of these funds. According to Radio Wroclaw, the Ministry of Culture have confirmed they will not allocate any funds to the Brave Festival in 2017. That then left Wroclaw City Council to plug the gap, and after lengthy talks with President Dutkiewicz, Brave Festival organiser Grzegorz Bral failed in his bid to secure enough funding for a fully fledged Brave Festival in 2017. 

There will nonetheless be a couple of smaller scale spin-off events, Brave Kids and Brave Cinema, that continue to run every year.


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