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Piwo Uncut: Five Beers To Try This February

Welcome to the latest edition of 'Piwo Uncut'!

In order to bring you reviews of the most interesting and flavour packed beers currently on the go, we've teamed up with Marynka Piwo i Aperitivo, the city's best venue for craft beer and tapas. Each month we visit Marynka Piwo i Aperitivo to sample the latest and greatest craft beer offerings from Poland and beyond.

This month we are reviewing Beczka Dukatów, Gold Digga, Entliczek-Pentliczek, Rudawskie and Konrad Kapucin.


From left to right: Entliczek-Pentliczek, Gold Digga and Beczka Dukatów

Beczka Dukatów, Browar Łancut (5%)

The Łancut brewery, located about 20km east of Rzeszów, makes it debut on the Piwo Uncut pages with this pilsener. 

The beer has a clear yellow colour and a white frothy head that quickly dissipates. Mittelfrüh and Vanguard, two similar hops, are both common in German pilseners and they give this beer a spicy, floral aroma. I could detect grassy hops in there too. The general taste is of herbs with a smidgeon of lime zest, while the Warrior hop gives the beer a bitterness that becomes more pronounced in the aftertaste.

Fans of German pilseners who also like mildly hoppy beers will no doubt enjoy a glass or two of this.

Gold Digga, Browar Piwne Podziemie (7.3%)

This is an IPA, something that becomes clear as soon as the first sip touches the mouth.  

Gold Digga has a hazy yellow colour and a white head, plus a hoppy, tropical fruity, orangey and citrusy aroma. Its taste is likewise, while there is also a distinct sweetness to it, which is nicely counterbalanced by a mild bitterness. The beer's strong alcohol percentage indicates that this is not merely a regular style IPA, but more of a West Coast IPA. This style of beer does of course herald from the west coast of the US, where they like their IPAs to be both strong and hoppy.  

All in all this is a decent IPA you can't really go wrong with.

Entliczek-Pentliczek, Browar Bazyliszek (4.5%)

This new beer from Browar Bazyliszek is an Apple Sour Ale.  

Sour ales are getting brewed more and more here in Poland, largely through Pinta with the likes of Kwas Alfa 11,5° and Kwas Epsilon 18 among others.

In Entliczek-Pentliczek, Browar Bazyliszek has taken the logical step of using one of Poland's strongest exports: apples. This gives us a beer with a clear light yellow colour that pours almost without a head. The beer's aroma is unsurprisngly akin to apple juice, though it is rather weaker than you'd think. The taste that dominates is a medium-sourness and for me the apple flavour is not overly strong and nicely accompanies the sour flavour.

The beer almost goes in the direction of being a dry cider, but remains wholly on the sour ale side. This is certainly a refreshing beer and one for sour ale fans to check out.


Rudawskie, Browar Miedzianka (5%)

Another brewery marks it debut on our pages here in the shape of Browar Miedzianka.

The history of brewing in Miedzianka (a town on a hill south of Jelenia Góra) is older than most breweries that tend to feature on Piwo Uncut. The brewery first functioned in what was the German village of Kupferberg (Kupferberg Gold was a favourite for miners in the region) in the 15th century, before it passed into Polish hands. Then when uranium ore was found in town by the occupying Soviet forces, the brewery was frequented by those who had moved to Miedzianka to work there. However when the uranium ore became depleted in 1972, the brewery closed.

The spirit of the brewery has now been ressurrected thanks to a couple from Wrocław, who opened the new Browar Miedzianka (about 30m away from the original) last year. Slowly but surely, their beers are becoming available in Wrocław.

Rudawskie is a mild, Viennese lager that has a copper colour, which is appropriate enough given miedź and Kupfer mean copper. The beer has aromas of yeast, caramel and barley. The flavour follows suit, however there is also a mildly sweet caramel in there that is fairly predominant. On top of that, a toasted, bready aura pervades this beer. A delicate bitterness rounds off this beer from another new brewery in our very own Lower Silesia.


Konrad Kapucin, Pivovary Vratislavice (4.4%)

Finally, this Czech brewery is another making its first appearance in our monthly reviews.  

This time out we have a Dunkel beer; although to put it better, being Czech, this is a Tmavý. Konrad Kapucin has a dark brown colour and a big, frothy biege head that quickly dissapates. The beer has a smell of sweet caramel and malt, while the taste is similar but with added notes of bread, toffee and brown sugar. The finish is fairly dry with elements of roasted malt also detectable.

There are certainly a decent number of Czech Tmavý/Dunkel beers on the market, however not all of them end up hitting the pubs and bottle shops here in Poland. Those who wish to see what these beers have to offer would be wise to sample this effort from Pivovary Vratislavice. 

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Ian Maloy

Ian is a singing teacher who has been living in Wrocław for several years. Dobrze mówi po polsku. Ian can often be found in town eating excellent vegan/vegetarian food, drinking beer from micro-breweries, bird-watching around Lower Silesia, jogging by the Odra, lighting candles in the Russian Orthodox church and banging his head in various moshpits to Polish metal/hardcore bands.

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