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G Coffee Company: More Than Just A Cafe (closed)

The G Coffee Company is a small cafe with its own on-site roaster that practically lives and breathes coffee in all its forms.

Being one of the most traded commodities in the world, it is little wonder that coffee is a staple in Poland. Over the years the drink has undergone a major transformation in the country, during which time the typical communist way of making coffee, black and unfiltered, has almost become extinct.

Nowadays there are of course a fashionable range of options to choose from (latte, espresso, cappuccino, drip, etc…) with flashy prices to boot. At the same time the number of cafes has shot up considerably and there are now coffee shops all over Wroclaw.

So, given the explosion of cafes in town, what makes G coffee company different? Well, to start with, its owner, Chicago born Gaston Sitbon, a charismatic and knowledgeable man who treats his customers as guests and pays incredible attention to making visitors feel welcome, at ease and informed. If my visit is anything to go by, both Poles and foreigners who come here for coffee can expect good service, added value and a relationship that most other places can only artificially create.

There are also some interesting features to this compact coffee bar, located a stone's throw away from the train station behind the new Silver Tower Building. The space inside is warmly lit and has a cavernous feeling to it with much exposed original brickwork and coffee sacks.

Aside from the coffee itself, you can buy hand-crafted coffee filters, each coming with their own serial number and personally engraved. The G Coffee Company's star of the show though is a strange looking home-made coffee roaster, which tells the story of how the idea to sell coffee was born. Last but not least, there is also a place of worship to the god of coffee, an invented, light-hearted effigy where 3 espressos are placed every morning as an offering.

The coffee here is imported from around the world and roasted as needed to capture and expose different flavours. The G Coffee Company’s menu is not over-complicated, but you will also notice some special coffee cocktails like the ‘Rocky’ which is a tasty coffee-based drink and a meal all rolled into one – I had never tried anything like it before.

As well as trying out this new coffee experience you can also watch live music and even attend a specially prepared course about serving coffee. 

What I particularly liked about G Coffee Company is the fact that the coffee, although it was great, is not the only reason to visit. You leave with a smile on your face because visiting the place alone is a cool experience in itself.

G Coffee Company, Plac Konstytucji 3 Maja, 5

Phone: 791 611 000 Website


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