“Wroclaw Against Hate” Demonstration To Take Place Tomorrow

Following the recent spate of attacks on kebab shops in Lower Silesia, various different groups have come together to organise a protest against racism tomorrow.

Taking place at 6pm by the pillory on the Rynek, the demonstration is being held under the banner of "Wroclaw Against Hate".

According to reports, the protest is being jointly organised by Wroclaw Welcomes Refugees, the LGBT rights group Kulturya Równości as well as the Razem and Nowoczesna political parties.

In a note on the event's Facebook page, the organisers have explained their motivation for the protest:

It's time to say “enough is enough!”

The racist incidents that took place in Lower Silesia in the first days of 2017, including attacks on the foreigners and attacks on their restaurants – we cannot continue to tolerate these shameful events!

Let's meet up on Thursday at the market square of Wroclaw and demonstrate our solidarity with the victims of those racist attacks. Let's prove that we can stand united against those who bring us shame: racists, fascists, and everyone who reacts with blind aggression to events which they simply don't understand. Let's prove to the racists that there is more of us, and let’s show everyone that Poland will not tolerate xenophobic and racist behaviour.

We invite all individuals and organizations who feel the same way to come and stand together. Let's prove that Poland can be a friendly country open to people of all nationalities and races.


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Gregor Gowans

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