Wroclaw 2016: Expats Praise Events, Criticise Promotion

According to our Wroclaw 2016 survey, which was filled in by foreigners living in Wroclaw, the quality of the European Capital of Culture events was generally praised. However the English language promotion (or lack of it) was criticised in more or less equal measure.

The survey, completed by just under 200 respondents, reveals the views of the international community in Wroclaw towards last year's European Capital Of Culture programme.

The good news

Wroclaw 2016 chiefs will be glad to know that a slight majority of those we surveyed rated the European Capital Of Culture programme as either "good" or "very good". Almost 85% of the respondents also took in at least one event, with almost half taking in between 3-10 events.


Events praised

There was plenty of positivity about the events too, with 46% of the people surveyed giving the events they attended 4/5 or 5/5. However, as far as the organisation of the events was concerned, 11% less of the respondents were willing to give scores of 4/5 or 5/5. Even so, this still has to be seen as a decent score and Wroclaw 2016 will be content to see their events being looked back on generally positively.   


English language promotion failure

While the expats in our survey looked back at the art and culture on show last year with a positive light, the same can't be said regarding the English language promotion. 54% of the respondents considered Wroclaw 2016's English language promotion to be either "insufficient" or "very poor", while a further 12% didn't know there was any English language media available. Only 10% considered Wroclaw 2016's English language promotion to be "very good". 

Perhaps the lack of an English language Facebook page was one reason for those scores. When questioned about the lack of an English language Facebook page, a sizeable chunk of the respondents declared the use of a solitary multi-language profile to be ineffective. 


Was there something lacking? 

Almost 80% of those asked believe that Wroclaw deserved its status as the European Capital Of Culture last year – indicating that the international community are happy with Wroclaw's cultural offering.

On the flip side however, a majority of respondents did not "feel like they were living in the European Capital Of Culture" in 2016. Why could this be? A lack of promotion? An inability to bring the culture to the masses at a street level? The rise of racist attacks blighting the name of Wroclaw? These are all possibilities perhaps, but further questions will need to be asked to find out why. 



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