Szarlatan: Quaint Old Shop Oozes Nostalgia


Wroclaw is a city steeped in history, something that's very much reflected inside the doors of the iconic antique shop Szarlatan.

I first came across this rather magical place on a stroll down Szczytnicka street, and on opening the door I was thrust into a different era as If i'd stepped into a time machine. The place is full of so many quircky and fascinating looking books from years past. Most of them are understandably in Polish, but you can also spot German, French, and English books there. 

Having had a chat with the staff in Szarlatan, it seems the regular clientele are mostly students keen to get their nose into some fantasy books, although they do also get their fair share of tourists and locals coming in to mull over the antiques.

It's the shop's extensive selection of classic texts and novels that ultimately proves Szarlatan's biggest draw though, as there seems to be no shortage of people willing to evoke some nostalgia by picking up a classic book or two. 

Szarlatan's collection of titles has been built up over the last ten years thanks to the hard work and passion of the shop's book loving staff. Such is their attachment to their work, they seem to be sad to see the books go, although they do of course take pleasure in making someone's day with a good book purchase.

Szarlatan also sell various antique bits and pieces from coffeepots to clocks – items that work hand in hand with the books to foster the shop's iconic atmosphere. 

The staff in Szarlatan help to make the shop special too; they are so eminently warm and open you find it difficult to leave. I of course did make for the exit eventually, but only to return again to indulge in some of the magic nostalgia this antique shop exudes on a daily basis. 

Szarlatan, Szczytnicka 51

Tel: 537 807 207 Website

Ana Patsatsia

A Georgian journalism student at the University of Wroclaw, Ana is fervent fan of fine art and visual art, particularly film-making and European cinema genres such as New Wave and Italian neorealism. An individual who lives and breathes art, Ana loves to break boundaries and go to new places with her writing.

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