Charity Donations Stolen From Wroclaw Kebab Shop

It has emerged that a Wroclaw kebab shop that had its windows smashed last Monday became victim to more crime just days later – when a charity collection tin was stolen from the restaurant's counter.

Our regular readers will be aware that a collection was set up in order to pay for the damage of the windows that were smashed last Monday. However the owner of the fast food restaurant, Serdar Darwish, promised that when the tin was full he would donate all of the money to a children's home. 

Unfortunately, it looks like none of the donations will make their way to a local children's home. That's because the collection tin was stolen from the kebab shop last Thursday afternoon. 

Security footage released today shows how a thief engaged a staff member and began talking with him. As soon as the kebab shop worker had his eyes elsewhere, the thief nabbed the tin and made for the door without anyone noticing.  

According to Gazeta Wyborcza, police are currently studying the cctv footage of the window smashing incident that occured last Monday. It is said that the vandal who caused the damage is visible in the video, fuelling hope that the person can be identified. 


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