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Christmas Market Takings Estimated At 15 Million zł

Wroclaw's Christmas market has been noticeably more populated this year, and its stall owners are happily reporting a large uptake in business that could see total takings reach as much as 15 million zł.

The figure comes from local newspaper Gazeta Wroclawska, who yesterday made a rough calculation of the total takings by multiplying the profit from one stall by the number of stalls on site (though admittedly that does not necessarily yield accurate results).

What is clear though is that business is booming at the market, which has definitely benefited from positive international media attention. Earlier this year German newspaper Die Welt labeled Wroclaw's Christmas market as one of Europe's top 5, while a major Czech TV channel presented Wroclaw's market as an alternative to the one in Prague.

It is thought that this promotion, as well as other positive articles about Wroclaw in international media, has brought a lot of customers to the market from abroad. On top of that, relatively mild weather has made spending time at the outdoor market a little more comfortable. 

On Saturdays and Sundays stall owners have been taking in as much as 10,000zł, while on weekdays sales reportedly vary between 1-6,000zł.

It is also said that the success of the Christmas market could see it expanded to include pl.Solny next year. In previous years extra stalls had been placed on Kuznica street, however they proved unpopular and some stalls suffered from a lack of business. Pl.Solny is thought to be a much more suitable space for any extra stalls, and reports suggest that the Office of Economic Development will consider an application to have the Christmas market stalls erected there in 2017.

Gregor Gowans

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