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Uff: Old-Town Hangout With Alternative Spirit (closed)

Those with a good eye may have spotted the quaint courtyard on Nankiera street that's now home to Uff, an alternative venue housed inside an old University of Wroclaw building.

Despite not being long on Wroclaw's nightlife map, the bar and cafe has quickly found a decent following of students and alternatively minded folks thanks to its quirky events, left-field music, central location and friendly staff. 

Uff opens up in the afternoon around 3pm, when the clientele typically come in to kickback with a coffee. However things get a lot livelier in the evening when the various parties and night performances get underway. Uff seems rather comfortable at performing either role, so the venue happily functions as a cafe or bar depending on the time of the day. 

The building itself, which used to form part of the Uni, is comprised of four main rooms plus a sheltered patio. The scruffiness of the place gives Uff a genuinely edgy and unique atmosphere, which is another aspect makes that makes the place so interesting.

For anyone really into their music, Uff is certainly a place worth checking out. The bar's open door culture means just about any musician can play there – the focus is much more on the quality rather than genre.

Another plus worth mentioning at Uff are the staff, who are by and large all easygoing and welcoming. The same can be said of the crowd at Uff too; the place really seems to foster a positively carefree vibe. The fact the bar proudly state they have“ refugees welcome” policy (and have a box for donating sweets to child refugees) also hints that this is an open-minded venue that does not discriminate.

In the evening Uff regularly draws a good crowd, making it a decent hangout for meeting new people in a unique setting while taking your mind off the daily grind. Uff isn't all about concerts and parities either, as they also run more laid-back events such as yoga classes and meetings for parents.

The lack of a kitchen does admittedly render Uff rather useless for dinner or lunch. That said, it is undoubtedly a cool spot to enjoy a decent coffee for a good price, or alternatively, try one of the various regional beers on offer.

All of those facets, added to the fact it's hidden away and yet just a short walk from the Rynek, mean Uff is definitely somewhere worthy of attention.

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