The Art Of Christmas Stamps On Show In Wroclaw


In a fitting move for the current season, Wroclaw is hosting a new exhibition packed with classic Christmas themed stamps.

Titled “In Regard To Christmas”, the stamp exhibition is housed in the Post and Telecommunications Museum (located on Zygmunta Krasińskiego 1) and will be on show until the 31st of December. Tickets are priced at 10zl, with students and other concessions able to get in for just 6zl.

Christmas stamps do of course have a long history and many countries all over the globe have issued Christmas stamps for years. They typically go on sale between early October and early December, and are printed in considerable quantities to satisfy the demand for those who looking for seasonal stamps on their Christmas card envelopes. 

Wroclaw's Christmas Stamp exhibition is divided into five themes according to the various scenes depicted on the stamps, including Christmas nativity scenes, Christmas carols, Santa Claus, Christmas trees and the story behind the Christmas star. Each theme is shown in a timeline for each country, allowing you to see the development of the art and themes over time. 

While you may think this exhibition is only for stamp buffs, there is easily enough on show for the average person to warrant a visit. All these stamps from around the world do not only exhibit different Christmas traditions and legends, but also unveil a minuscule world full of colorful art and cultural traits.

Meanwhile fans of the Christmas season will welcome the exhibition with open arms. While strolling through the museum, the exquisite stamps, as well as the Chrismas tree and Christmas carols, really help to foster the spirit of the season.

Ruyin Lan

Heralding from China, Ruyin Lan is as proud of Wroclaw's rich cultural offering as she of that in her own country. Always keen on breaking up habitual routines, Ruyin is only too happy to explore the numerous possibilities life in Wroclaw brings to the table.

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