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Cybermachina: A Bar For Gamers In Wroclaw

Wroclaw’s buzzing nightlife scene has plenty of spots to hang out, chat, drink and dance the night away. But what about those who like nothing more than taking on friends at board games or video games? Well, Cybermachina, a games themed bar in Wroclaw's student district, very much fills that niche.

Located on Szczytnicka street across the junction from Pizza Hut, Cybermachina is very easy to find thanks to the window banners proudly promoting the place as a game pub.


Cybermachina is a quite popular game pub chain in Poland that has branches in Katowice, Krakow, Torun, Bydgoszcz, Olsztyn, Poznan as well as Wroclaw. The branch here is typically frequented by Poles, although its location near the university campus and Centrum Grunwaldzki ensures there are numerous international punters in the bar too.

On my first visit the place pretty much spoke for itself; you basically buy a drink and then play video games on any console you want, or alternatively, meet up with your friends to enjoy some fancy board games. Unlike most old-school internet cafes, Cybermachina focuses mostly on video and board games – so there’s no place for bulky computer desks. It’s aptly decorated in a contemporary style and has everything to attract any kind of gamer.

For all the gamers reading this, let's cut to the chase – on site Cybermachina have an Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, NES and even an arcade. You can find many popular games to play on those consoles too. On the evidence of my visits, most people have been battling it out on multiplayer games such as FIFA 17, Mortal Kombat X, Rocket League and Guitar Hero.


However, despite the focus on computer games, in a rather funny way it's the board games that are the main draw at Cybermachina. Yes on any visit you can easily spot some guys playing FIFA 17 and cursing among themselves, but the majority of those in the bar only seem to be there for the board games or role-playing sessions.

For those into their board games, you wont find classic games such Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit at Cybermachina. Nevertheless, they have almost 5 decks of Gwent (local card game for Poland, based on the video game series The Witcher). The also have the famous Dixit; a kind of guess based board game that appears to be rather popular with the clientele at Cybermachina. Dixit is apparently easy to learn, and looks hell of a fun when the whole group are tipsy after a few drinks. If you fancy joining a gaming or board games session, Cybermachina publish info on their monthly events via their Facebook page too.

Video and board games aside, the cocktails at Cybermachina very much catch the eye, as they all have their own video game related names. These include the most successful titles in video game culture, some funny terms in gaming and the best-known character names. It might be a small touch but it proves how passionate the bar is about gaming. 


While Cybermachina is ultimately a pub, for those want to stay booze-free they have a pretty cool list of non-alcoholic options too. The so called 'Bulbasaur' is just one of a few delicious non-alcoholic cocktails on their drinks list. Given that you can basically spend hours playing games while sipping your drink, the prices are very reasonable as well.

All in all, Cybermachina very much does the job it intends to do rather well. There are plenty of attractions for fans of video and board games alike, making the bar an ideal spot for any gamers living or working in the area. 

Cybermachina, Szczytnicka 52

Tel: 696 460 093, Website



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Cenk Barkın

Cenk Barkın is a full-time Journalism student currently doing his Masters in Wroclaw. A former video editor of a Turkish video game magazine, Barkın is enthused by the innovative methods of new media and the future of online journalism. He can literally talk endlessly about video games and Dream Theater until someone tells him to shut up.

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