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Sete Rios: A Bit Of Brazilian Flair In Wroclaw

Sete Rios, a samba group based here in Wroclaw, are once again set to create an eruption of Brazilian drumming when they take the stage at Nietota on Saturday night. 

The flamboyant and energetic outfit have already performed in front of packed-out audiences here in Wroclaw, while the band are also currently passing on their skills at various samba workshops held at their own school throughout the week. 

Sete Rios' previous gigs have been characterised by the sheer amount of noise from the wide array of percussion instruments on stage, as well as the passion and fever the band have for Brazilian music and the culture.

On Saturday the samba band will perform short drum sets interspersed among the live set of exuberant dj Romek Rege.

To get a better idea of their sound, check out the YouTube video below. In the flesh however, expect it be MUCH louder 🙂  


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