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Manufaktura Bezglutenowa: Wroclaw’s 1st Gluten Free Eatery

Gluten-free diners take note: a new cafe has joined the list of choices for dining out.

Manufaktura Bezglutenowa, located near the Jana Pawla ii tram stop, has a relaxed, airy atmosphere. The budget cafe serves up Polish standards such as pork cutlets, pureed potatoes and shredded vegetable salads.

The portions are very generous— the caprese salad was served with plenty of fresh basil and fresh mozzarella, and when paired with soup, made for a satisfying meal. The pork cutlet was also a good size and well cooked, while my prying eyes spotted that the chicken another diner had ordered looked lovely too.


A rotating selection of savory soups rounds out the basic menu (I had cream of pumpkin and cabbage on two different days.) Also, if they have apple pie, make sure to try it. It’s absolutely delicious: moist, a touch sweet without being cloying, perfectly crumbly and very satisfying. I’d would love to taste their recipe for sernik.

However, their menu is mostly items that don’t have wheat in them to begin with. While the meat cutlets and salads are very tasty, the menu doesn’t have anything like pierogi, kopytka or zurek. It’s great that gluten-free diners have another option in Wroclaw, but it would be wonderful if a restaurant tried to take on those wheat-filled Polish standards.


They’ve only been open since September, so hopefully they will explore new recipes soon. Also, seeing as the main dining area is located on the first floor, it will be interesting to see how they use the space they have on the ground floor.

As they’re unfortunately not open on weekends, it’s a nice place for weekday lunch.

(Coeliacs take note: the kitchen is contagion free, as no wheat is used at all.)

Manufaktura Bezglutenowa, Sokolnicza 7/17 lokal 8

Tel: 730 082 996, Website


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Evelyn Aschenbrenner
A resident of Wrocław for almost a year and a vegetarian for 19 years, Evelyn Aschenbrenner has also written restaurant reviews for newspapers in her native city of Detroit.

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