Wroclaw-Berlin Party Train To Depart On November 26


A special Berlin bound party train equipped with a live dj and disco carriage will depart Wroclaw in November and December.

According to, the service will depart Wrocław Główny for Berlin's Ostreuz on Saturday November 26th and December 17th at 19:21. On board there will be a live dj and disco themed carriage as well as "special headphones", which indicates that the party onboard will be a silent disco.

When the train arrives in Berlin just before midnight, passengers can enjoy discounted entrances to clubs (Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL)YAAM BerlinCrack BellmerHaubentaucherMatrix Club BerlinHangar 49cassiopeia Berlin) or simply head wherever else they fancy. Party animals with enough stamina to last the night can then take the return train back to Wroclaw on Sunday at 08.31. More details can be found in German here.

The tickets for the train service cost 19 euros each way, just as they have done since the start of the culture train service in April. Passengers have been advised to take their own food as there will not be a restaurant cart or snacks trolley onboard. Further details on the culture train can be found in our archive article here.

Meanwhile it has also been announced that the Wroclaw-Berlin culture train will continue to run until January the 8th at least. The aforementioned article on also talks of the willingness among various authorities to run the service long term, which indicates that the permanent return of the Wroclaw-Berlin train is a genuine possibility. 

At the time of writing, the winter culture train services have not been added to the online timetables of either PKP or Deutsche Bahn.

Gregor Gowans

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