Neon Side Gallery Future In Doubt

The future of Wroclaw's iconic Neon Side Gallery is in doubt due to a legal battle between the President of the Neon Side Foundation and the man running the Neon Side Club.

According to Gazeta Wroclawska, the city are mulling how to keep the gallery alive when the inevitable obstacles from the fallout arise.

The issue is between Tomasz Kosmalski, the President of the Neon Side Foundation, and Michał Gawlicz, the man who has the lease for the Neon Side Club. The pair are at loggerheads over a number of complicated issues that have brought about the court case. 

Back in February Tomasz Kosmalski terminated the lease agreement for the Neon Side Club that he had signed with Michał Gawlicz. He claims to have done so due to the club's activity breaking the terms of the agreement. 

According to Kosmalski, the lease agreement was for a venue that primarily functioned as a gallery. He has accused Gawlicz of running the venue as a nightclub with many events that not did not comply with the lease agreement. These include events such as private concerts with entrance fees (the gallery was supposed to be accessible to all and for free). He also blamed Gawlicz for mistakes that were made during maintenance, which caused damage to the lights. 

Gawlicz nonetheless denies the allegations and does not agree that he broke the terms of the lease agreement. He claims the concerts took place outwith the gallery's opening hours and with the consent of the foundation. In addition, he has stated the foundation knew the club had to run some events to ensure the financial stability of the venue.

Whatever the outcome of the legal battle, it is clear that the Neon Side Gallery will never quite be the same again. Kosmalski has expressed his desire to keep the neon signs operational on Ruska and to have all the neon in one place. However Gawlicz si currently setting up a new neon themed club on Wita Stworza street, where the neons at his disposal will be on display. 

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