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Bazar Smakoszy: Wroclaw’s Blossoming Gourmet Market

I have some good news about Wroclaw's Bazar Smakoszy. First, in case you didn't know, it is possible to get almost all of your weekly groceries from local eco/organic producers. Second, you can do that all in one place. Third, the place itself is pretty awesome. Fourth, don't worry, it's neither pretentious nor ridculously overpriced.

If you live north of the Rynek, the Bazar Smakoszy at Browar Mieszczański is a bit of a trek, but it's definitely worth it. I've been looking for natural meats and cheeses, spices and coffee for some time, and while you can find some organic products (yogurt, eggs) in some supermarkets in the Galerias, they are expensive.

In any case, you can't always trust that meat will be from happy chickens, or that cured meats won't contain nitrites or other harmful preservatives. So I was rejoiced to find that Bazar Smakoszy, now open on Wednesdays as well as Sundays, has the quality food I was hoping for in Poland. You can even order your groceries in bulk ahead of time via email, but of course there's so much fun to be had in browsing.

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Go there hungry: even on a rainy September day you can enjoy a warm nutella crepe from Bud-K, a satisfying gryczanka from Kozacka Chatka, a rich fruity espresso from Taho Cafe…and that's not to mention all the snacks happy vendors dispense.

Beware of staying too long at KoneSer, an enticing cheese stall, because the friendly lady can spot a cheese lover from miles away. She will let you taste every cheese you show interest in – and she will consequently make a tidy profit off you when you buy almost a kilo of truly excellent Polish cheeses.


Bazar Smakoszy can be a place of discovery and surprise, in many ways. As far as I can tell, the company changes every week, though of course there are producers who are there every time. You might not know when Zacna Pyra, the mouthwatering vendor of inventive baked potatoes, will show up or when some other vendor will be in its place (side note: the bazar posts the weekly vendors a few days before the market on its Facebook page).

The architecture of the building housing the Bazar is also perfect for such a market. The old brewery, with its dark, crumbling brick and beer bottle ends stacked in windows like stained glass, with its murals, grain silo-style doors, and a secret room full of old velvet theater seats, is a special place. It's been repurposed with respect to the history of the original buildings; the bazar is warmly lit and cozy, and provides a nice backdrop for photoshoots and stylish people pigging out. 


It's looking like I may go broke from buying cheese, organic mushrooms, and kabanosy galore at Bazar Smakoszy, but that certainly won't keep me from returning. So don't be put off joining hipster Wroclaw in this festive, organic Sunday outing – you'll officially be able to say you support local.   

Maia Kenney

Maia is a half-Polish, half-American pastry chef and long distance hiker who has just moved back to Wroclaw after what feels like a lifetime away. She is constantly looking for new things to see, do, and eat - and wants to share her experiences with fellow English-speaking fans of this fantastic city.

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