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Frytki + SOS: Trendy Chips And Dips

The humble chip is a cheap and satisfying snack food with a seemingly endless appeal. Yet despite all that, Wroclaw has long been without a place that's properly done this most basic of foods justice – something that Frytki + SOS hope to change.

There certainly is an opportunity for a place like Frytki + SOS to make a name for themselves in Wroclaw. One or two Belgium or Dutch style chip and sauce takeaways have come and gone over the years, paving the way for a new venue to take the limelight. Yes, there are some places like Motyla Noga that do great chips, but there hasn't been anywhere for some time that's completely dedicated itself to making quality fries and accompanying fresh dips.

So is Frytki + SOS the answer? Sadly not yet, but they have had a decent stab at it and if you are in need of some fast street food, you won't disappointed.

Handily located on Św. Antoniego, Frytki + SOS is a short walk away from a host of popular nightlife spots, making the hole-in-the-wall takeaway a viable alternative to the various nearby kebab houses. 

Chips are served in cones of different sizes; normal (7zl) and large (9zl), while dips are an additional 1 or 2zl each. For those a bit indecisive about which dip to choose, there are some spare chips and sample dips for customers to try out for themselves.

IMG_0133 IMG_0127

When it comes to the chips, unfortunately they are a bit underwhelming and just don't match up to those fried up at Motyla Noga. While being perfectly acceptable for the price, the chips lack that magic contrast in texture between the crunchy exterior and fluffy centre. The tasty dips do help though and it is great that Frytki + SOS allow you the time to pick and choose for yourself.


All in all, it is fair to say that Frytki + SOS is a viable but not overly exciting street food option for anyone in the old town. Despite not making the best chips in Wroclaw, the venue does bring a welcome new concept to the city. Nonetheless, the takeaway seem to have invested more time in having a cool logo and hipster image than they have in making quality chips. The end product is therefore one that exerts a little more style than substance.

Still, it's difficult to snub a cone of decent chips after a few drinks, and I'd be a bare-faced liar if I said I'll never pay another visit to Frytki + SOS. Even if you aren't overly impressed on your first visit, you may well a make a return there too.

Frytki + SOS, ul. Św. Antoniego 14


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Practical but not exceptional spot for some fast food

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