Strudlove: Right Concept, Wrong Prices (closed)

Strudlelove, located on św. Mikołaja, is a convenient and practical strudel restaurant and takeaway that makes both sweet and savoury pastries freshly on site.

Wroclaw already has plenty of burger bars, multi-taps, ice cream parlours, sushi restaurants and food trucks – so when something new comes on the scene it is always very much welcomed by Wroclaw Uncut. 

Strudlelove have done exactly that, bringing a novel concept to Wroclaw instead of just copying the latest fad. Even so, it's difficult to give the place the thumbs up as their offering just isn't anywhere near good enough value.


My piece of chicken and mushroom strudel with yoghurt and dill sauce, photographed above, was warm, tasty and hearty. I also had it on my plate in less than two minutes, which makes the venue an ideal spot for a fast lunch. That said, it cost 13zl and wasn't exactly filling. When we visited last month there wasn't an option to buy two or more strudel for a better price either, which makes the cost of dining at Strudlove the same as many good quality restaurants in Wroclaw.


Strudlove is clean and tidy and has a nice aura to it with its open kitchen, yet doesn't quite feel swanky enough to merit the cost of dining there.

The inflated prices could be due to their rent, but if so, you have to question why Strudlove haven't set up at a cheaper location when they could lure more passers by into buying takeaway slices of their delicious strudels. I popped in during lunch hour and place was rather deserted bar a couple of businessmen who were having a quick bite and a coffee.


Perhaps my moaning about prices shows that I am behind the times, as Wroclaw's growing economy has seen prices jump in the city's bars and restaurants in recent years. Nevertheless, a quick look at the reviews on Strudlove's Facebook page reveals I am far from being the only one who feels a little short changed after eating there. 

Among those reviews you won't find many people having a go at Strudlove's produce, service or atmosphere though – so if the restaurant can just find some way of offering better value then surely they will be onto something. On the flip side, if things remain the same I can't see them being around for long. 

Strudlove, ul. św. Mikołaja 12

Telephone: 71 798 35 11, Website


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