Euro 2016 In Wroclaw: The Uncut Guide

Euro 2016 is just one day away and football fever is gripping the country. But with no fanzone in place, where can people see the games? How can you watch at home or at work? Uncut is at hand to give you the answers:

Why is there no fanzone? 

According to Gazeta Wroclawska, Wroclaw City Council were conducting analysis on possible sites for the fan zone, but struggled to come up with a venue seeing as most of the ideal locations have already been booked for events related to the European Capital of Culture 2016. It is also rumoured that the council were not keen on funding a fanzone given that it could detract attention from this year's cultural events.

What time are the matches?

During the group stage, matches will kick off at 3pm, 6pm and 9pm. Poland's first game is against Northern Ireland on Sunday at 6pm, followed by the clash with Germany on Thursday at 9pm. The national team's last group game is against Ukraine on Tuesday 21st at 6pm. Later on in the tournament all the games will kick off at 9pm. 

How Can I Watch At Home?

Just over half of the matches at this year's European Football Championships will be exclusive to Polsat Sport. However Poland games, the quarter finals, semi finals and final are to broadcasted on free-to-air channels.

State broadcaster TVP will also show 11 matches, having paid handsomely to reach an agreement with Polsat. However many of those games, such as the ones featuring Poland, will be available on Polsat's open channel anyway. TVP have the rights to show every Poland game, 2 matches from the last 16, 2 quarter finals, the semi finals and final. On top of that TVP have secured the rights to broadcast the next European Championships and the next 2 FIFA World Cups.

The price of the Polsat's Euro 2016 package varies depending on the cable tv operator, with most tv companies charging somewhere in the region of 100zl. For that sum viewers will be able to tune into every match, each of which is to be accompanied by a beefed-up punditry team providing in-depth analysis without any advert breaks.

Those that don't want to stump up the cash may turn to internet streaming (see our guide here for more on that!), or alternatively, watch the games on free-to-air channels in Germany and the Czech Republic (which could possibly be encrypted during the time of the matches).

Matches on free-to-air TV:

  • France – Romania
  • Albania – Switzerland
  • Poland – Northern Ireland
  • Spain – Czech Republic
  • Austria – Hungary
  • Russia – Slovakia
  • Germany – Poland
  • Italy – Sweden
  • Belgium – Ireland
  • Romania – Albania
  • Russia – Wales
  • Ukraine – Poland
  • Austria – Iceland
  • 4 matches in the last 16
  • every quarter final
  • both semi finals
  • the final

Matches on Polsat Sport channels:

  • England – Russia
  • Wales – Slovakia
  • Germany – Ukraine
  • Turkey – Croatia
  • Northern Ireland. – Sweden
  • Belgium – Italy
  • Portugal – Iceland
  • Romania – Switzerland
  • France – Albania
  • England – Wales
  • Ukraine – Northern Ireland
  • Czech Republic – Croatia
  • Spain – Turkey
  • Iceland – Hungary
  • Portugal – Austria
  • Switzerland – France
  • Slovakia – England
  • Czech Republic – Turkey
  • Northern Ireland. – Germany
  • Croatia – Spain
  • Italy – Ireland
  • Hungary – Portugal
  • Sweden – Belgium
  • 4 matches in the last 16

Where can I see Euro 2016 in town?

There are many bars and pubs where you can see the games. Here is our run down of potential Euro 2016 venues:

Piwiarnia Warka


The new Piwiarnia Warka on Swidnicka street has a large number of shiny HD screens for viewing the matches in superb detail, but does admittedly charge over the odds for its rather tepid Warka beer. Click here for our full review.

The Winners


The Winners Pub, found on Włodkowica street next Mleczarnia, has become the football venue of choice for many expats. That said, this is more to do with it being better than the torrid Guinness pub than anything else.

Aimed at bringing the sports-bar concept to a more up-market audience,The Winners Pub serve up quality steaks at high prices in a somewhat bizarre looking interior. Nevertheless, all these things aside, the bar does have some great HD screens and they could potentially show the games in their beautiful synagogue courtyard beer garden. Click here for our full review.


From all the venues on the Rynek, German brew-pub themed Bierhalle is likely to prove the most popular. They have a great spot on the market square and plenty of televisions for fans to crowd around. The beer is decent too of course, if not a little overpriced given you only receive a 0.4 measure. The pub and restaurant's main Achilles heel however, is the shocking wiring and poor quality image on the televisions. It's been the same for several summers now, and looks like you're watching a fuzzy VHS tape. Click here for our full review.

U Beatki

The market square is usually a good bet for live football and the likes of PRL will surely be showing the games. U Beatki is one of the cheaper venues on the Rynek though, and tends to sell a large beer for a zloty or two less than most bars in the area. Traditional Polish food is available at good prices too, although it has to be said the quality is average at best.

Motyla Noga

Another option just off the Rynek is Motlya Noga, located on Więzienn​a street. A couple of years ago they set up a big screen in their beer garden, which made it the place to be for the World Cup In Brazil. Motya Noga is also a favourite with table football fans, has a good range of beers, and have a kitchen preparing various beer sapping meals at decent prices. We thought Motyla Noga was a bit bland and characterless when we first reviewed the place, but it has to be said the pub has come on leaps and bounds and is well worth a visit now.


Anybody looking for a bit of latin fervour when the likes of Spain, Italy, or Portugal play can do no better than pay a visit to Felicita.

The place is very popular with football fans from the Mediterranean countries, who regularly turn up to the pub to catch Serie A and La Liga matches. The Italian venue boasts several HD screens as well as large projector, all of which can show games on Sky Italia or Cyfra +. However, from time to time matches kicking off later on weekends could be shown without commentary to allow their usual party nights to continue.

Browar Stu Mostow

Browar 100 Mostow  Browar 100 Mostow

Brew pub Browar Stu Mostow are setting up television screens for the Euros so that craft beer fanatics can enjoy the beautiful game alongside their cracking selection of beer. Click here for our full review of the venue.

Chopper – Bar & Hostel

Chopper Bar, synonymous with the popular Tower of Babel meetings, will show every game of Euro 2016. Check out our review of the place here.

U7 Pub

U7 Pub, a studenty sport pub opposite the main University building, is a bit of a drab venue that hasn't really gone with the times. Even so, they will be showing every game at Euro 2016 and the prices are not too steep here either.

Aleja Bielany

The idea of watching the Euros in a shopping centre car park might not be everyone's cup of tea, but that is what Aleja Bielany have set up. Mainly geared towards families, the Aleja Bielany fan zone will show all the games and run activities for kids including table football competitions.

PUB Flamingo

Many pubs under the train tracks on Bogusławskiego have tv sets and show the games, although you may bump into some dodgy punters at times in certain pubs. Sportpub 21 used to be the best venue on the street, but it has recently changed hands and no longer attracts the same crowd. That has left the likes of Flamingo, pictured above, to pick up the pieces. Located about a 5 minute walk from Arkady shopping centre, Flamingo will show every Euro 2016 match.


If the venues above don't float your boat, there is no need to panic. Just about everywhere in the city with a TV set will at least be showing the games that are broadcast free-to-air. Some of the other bars we believe to be showing the games are Browar Złoty Pies, CoolturkaFuga Mundi, Remont BarWicar's PubHaggis PubGuinness Pub, Papa Bar and Bike Cafe.

Enjoy your the tournament everyone – may the best team win!

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