Buddha Lounge: Wroclaw’s Best Lunch Deal? (closed)

Working out at just 12.50zl when purchased as part of a voucher offer, Buddha Lounge's lunch deal is right up there with the city's best.

Weekday lunch packages are common in many countries throughout Europe, but have only become part of the scenery in Wroclaw in recent years. More and more are jumping on the bandwagon however, and the competition is becoming fiercer by the day. 

Costing a perfectly reasonable 20zl per lunch when bought on the spot, Buddha Lounge's Indian lunch menu is typically composed of naan bread and rice, plus a soup and two types of curry. Every day the soup and curries change, bringing something new to the table from Monday to Saturday.


Each little dish has its own character, texture and taste, all of which combine to create a plate with a great balance of flavours and spices. 

The meal is served on a metallic dish that's part and parcel of Indian dining, and while the plate might remind some of their school canteen, you can't deny there's an aura of authenticity about it.

Photo © facebook.com/buddhawroclaw

Indian food in Wroclaw tends to be a bit on the pricey side, with most curries in city centre restaurants in the 30-40zl range, and that's before you add rice or naan to the bill. However thanks to these lunches, Buddha Lounge have found a great way to bring Indian food to Wroclaw's masses without burning a hole in anyone's pocket. The same is true of their 32zl Sunday Indian food festival buffet, which we reviewed last year.


If you love Indian food you can even save yourself more dosh by buying one of the restaurant's 100zl coupons, which allow you to buy 8 lunches at 12.50zl each –  a bargain in anyone's book. Alternatively, you can help yourself to their Sunday buffet for 25zl per person as the voucher allows four visits for the same price – including the refreshing Mango Lassi pictured above.

When all is said and done, Buddha Lounge's lunch offer is undoubtedly one of the best in Wroclaw. The daily menu is tasty, colourful, practical and served quickly, making it an ideal choice for business or pleasure. Just a few metres up the road you can pay 13zl for a small piece of strudel, while with the aid of a voucher you can enjoy a decent cooked meal at Buddha Lounge for even less. Unless you're dining in a milk bar, that value is exceedingly tough to beat.

Buddha Lounge, ul.Rzeznicza 28-31

Phone: 502088474, website


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