No Fatalities Following Explosion Involving Bus 145

According to reports from Gazeta Wroclawska, at around 2pm today a bus driver quickly removed a suspect package from his vehicle before it exploded on the street. One person was injured due to the explosion, but thankfully not seriously.

The incident occurred when the driver of bus 145 was alerted about a suspect package as the vehicle was moving from Dworcowa to Małachowskiego street. The driver then immediately stopped the bus and threw the package in front of the vehicle, after which there was a small explosion.

Reports in Gazeta Wyborcza state the driver remained cool during the situation but admitted he did not grasp just how serious an incident it was. His actions have been praised by MPK, who have given him the day off tomorrow in order to recover from shock.

Although many people quite rightly consider the driver a hero, an experienced member of Poland's anti-terrorist police has said the best course of action was to evacuate the bus.

According to tuwroclaw.com, the suspect package was a simple homemade bomb – a pot filled with nails and explosive materials that was wrapped in a plastic bag.

The area around the site of the bus was quickly cordoned off to allow police (including anti-terrorist units) to investigate the case, while some bus routes were also temporarily re-directed for the same reason.

The police, who have the CCTV footage from the bus in their possession, are reportedly looking for a man who left the package on the bus – he is described as being 180cm tall and was said to be wearing a black sweatshirt with white lettering on the front. The police have also asked any witnesses of the incident to go to Rakowiec Police Station or contact them by calling 997.

At the moment the motive for carrying out the attack is very much unclear. In an interview with Gazeta Wroclawska, an experienced anti-terrorist officer expressed the belief that the attack could somehow be related to the anti-police demonstrations that have taken place this week. He also all but ruled out the possibility that the attack was the work of organised terrorists, who he believes would be more likely to target high profile events in Poland such as the upcoming World Youth Days or NATO summit.

MPK have meanwhile asked passengers to remain vigilant and to be on the lookout for any passengers leaving unattended baggage.

Gregor Gowans

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