Man Dies At Police Station After Being Struck By Stun-Gun


It has emerged that a 25-year-old man died on Sunday morning at a Wroclaw police station minutes after he was shot by a police stun-gun. It is not yet known if the stun-gun was responsible for his death.

According to Gazeta Wroclawksa, the 25 year old man was arrested by police in the early hours of Sunday morning for behaving aggressively in the street. The newspaper claims the man had escaped police custody on Saturday night, only to be spotted by officers hours later after he had been partying in Cherry Club.

Reports suggest that when the man refused to give his ID and couldn't explain where his telephone was, the police asked him to come with them to the station. That allegedly provoked an angry reaction from the man, a reaction deemed aggressive enough for one officer to fire a stun-gun at him.

When the officers got back to the station, it reportedly became clear the man in question was indeed the suspect who had earlier escaped police custody. The man had originally been arrested for fraud.

It was during questioning when the young man is believed to have collapsed. He was immediately resuscitated by the police and then later by paramedics, neither of whom were able to save him.

Initial reports state that the cause of death was cardio-respiratory failure, however an autopsy will be carried out today to find out exactly what happened. CCTV footage will also be studied to determine whether the officers on duty carried out their duties appropriately.

Named as Igor.S, the man was described as a "healthy and athletic boy" by a friend of his family. The man's father is understandably said to be in shock following the tragic incident. 

Gregor Gowans

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