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Ban Thai: Commendable But Lacking Flair

Wroclaw's Thai options have grown still further with the addition of Ban Thai, which has replaced French restaurant La Fée Verte.

Student street-food hangout Woo Thai became the first Thai place to really make a name for itself in Wroclaw, thanks to its authentically spicy fare and affordable prices. Since then Thai food has exploded onto the scene – Woo Thai have launched another two venues, while Pha Tha Thai and Ban Thai have also opened up in the centre.

Wroclaw Uncut's Mike Ramberg reviewed Pha Tha Thai last year, which brings us to today's review of Ban Thai.

DSC02850 DSC02849

Ban Thai has been conjured out of the remains of La Fée Verte, which closed at the end of November. By our calculations the re-fit only took a few weeks, something that is more than evident the moment you walk in the door. Yes, the restaurant is warm and cosy enough, but you can't help but feel a few too many shortcuts have been taken in amongst the rush to get the place open.

The upstairs part in particular has a bit of a naff feel about it, with the walls covered with some cheap shiny materials. Elsewhere, some bits and pieces have been coloured red, while a few Thai decorations hanging here and there complete the hasty refit. It's certainly not the worst interior in the world, but you can't help but feel it has been botched somewhat. 

Most dishes at Ban Thai fall in the 25-35zl price mark, although when ordering you should be sure to check your dish comes with rice (one or two of the classic curries come without). This puts Ban Thai in the same price league as Woo Too Go and the new Woo Thai. However, considering Ban Thai have a more expensive spot in the city centre, that's not too bad at all.

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On our visit we ordered two curries, the classic green curry (left) and a milder alternative (right). Both dishes were decent enough, with the green curry in particular satisfyingly tangy and spicy. Even so, there was a distinct magic spark missing that was somehow present in the same dish I sampled earlier at Woo Thai. Everything here was well presented and elegantly done, but Ban Thai's food – much like the decor, just seems to lack that extra bit of passion and flair.  


That said, if you are looking for a comfortable place to enjoy Thai food in the centre, then this is invariably it. While Pha Tha Thai is located just round the corner, their more casual approach with plastic plates won't be everyone's cup of tea. In this case it is well worth paying a few złoty's more to enjoy your food in Ban Thai's more formal yet cosy environment.

Ban Thai's shortcomings have been evidently highlighted in this review, however it must be said that we had no major qualms at all about the service or the food, which were pretty much bang on the money. Those willing to venture out of the centre may nonetheless be better advised to check out Woo To Go, Woo Thai Street Food or, Woo Thai, all of which appear to produce dishes that just have that little extra oompth.

Ban Thai, Kotlarska 24

Tel: 736 674 950 Website

Gregor Gowans

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