Swap Wroclaw Celebrates 3rd Birthday

They say one person's trash is another's treasure. You can put that theory to the test tomorrow evening at the latest SWAP Wrocław meeting.

On February 23rd the people behind SWAP Wroclaw will be celebrating 3 years of running of the biggest clothes exchange party in town.

SWAP Wrocław was set up three years ago by Dżoolka, a popular Wroclaw fashion blogger and personal shopper. Since its first meeting, SWAP Wroclaw has gone from strength to strength, gaining more followers and partners, both of whom have participated in the meetings enthusiastically. 

Besides exchanging clothes, girls who participate in SWAP Wroclaw halso ave the chance to win tasty prizes from permanent sponsors Cookie with Love.

Entrance to the event is always for free but participants are asked to abide by three basic rules:

1. Clothes brought in should be clean and kept in good conditions.

2. Selling clothes is forbidden. The transaction can be monetary only when swapping is impossible but the amount of money exhanged should not exceed 10-15PLN.

3. SWAP Wroclaw is about swapping clothes, shoes and accessories. Please leave other items at home.

Check out the SWAP Wroclaw Facebook page for more details.

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Gregor Gowans
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