Marten Blamed For Opening Ceremony Problems

The power cut that contributed to the delay of the European Capital Of Culture opening ceremony has been blamed on a marten.

It is reported that a marten caused an interruption to the power supply and created a short circuit, which inevitably caused its death and cut power to the opening ceremony's tv screens and lighting systems as well as street lights and two thousand homes. Łukasz Zimnoch from energy firm Tauron confirmed the news to Radio Wroclaw yesterday.

According to Wikipedia (not the best source of info, we know) martens have a habit of seeking warm and dry places and to gnaw on soft materials, costing millions of euros of damage in Central Europe every year.

The story has largely been received humourously on social media, with one individual quickly conjuring up an image using the pun "Europejska Stolica Kuny" (European Capital of Martens) instead of "Europejska Stolica Kultury" (European Capital of Culture). Some have cursed the bad luck that brought about the power cut, while others have been more skeptical about the story and its possible use as a scapegoat. 

Earlier this week Wroclaw President Rafał Dutkiewicz made a public apology for the problems that cast a shadow over the opening ceremony, while he also promised to monitor the European Capital Of Culture organisers more closely.

Despite all those problems, there was nonetheless still plenty of colour and flair present on Sunday's opening ceremony. As we predicted in our article on Monday, a YouTube video has now been uploaded to show the very best of Sunday's parades and Rynek finale. Here it is for you to enjoy: 

Gregor Gowans

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