Qube: Destined To Go Pear-Shaped

It's difficult to see how Qube, a new bar and restaurant on Ruska street, will be around for the long haul. 

Despite sporting an edgy name and an artistic colour-scheme, Qube's mediocrity is exposed pretty much the moment you open the door. With the exception of the wallpaper on one side of the bar, the rest of the interior is as drab as your average Polish staff canteen. 

IMG_20151203_160021272 IMG_20151203_161156510

When I popped in around 4ish on a Thursday afternoon for dinner, the staff seemed near-shocked to finally see a customer come in the door. The place was dead empty, with the only other person occupying a table the restaurant's rather depressed looking boss, whose head was stuck firmly into his laptop screen.

With the absence of any customers, the atmosphere was solely created by the sound of Eska's music video channel, which blared out cheesy dance hits in-between irritating advertisements.

Things sadly did not get any better when the food arrived. This chicken dish, while edible, was far too oily and laden with soggy chips. For 18zl, you can definitely get better across the road at Pod Latarniami, or just a few steps down at BLT & Flatbreads. 


Although it is difficult to judge on one visit, it does appear that Qube is yet another venue that has prematurely opened without any real idea about what it wants to be. The place looks very much like a bar you'd find on the outskirts of town, where competition is scarce and people are less fussy given the lack of competition. However, Qube is located in the middle of Ruska street, surrounded by other bars that offer a better atmosphere and tastier food at similar (and in some cases even lower) prices.

Fortunately time is Qube's side as they have only just opened. That said, if they don't make a concerted effort to spruce things up, it's difficult to see them being around for long. 

Qube, ul. Ruska 65

Telephone: 791 582 012, Website

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