MaluMika: Wroclaw’s Paint-Your-Own Ceramics Studio


There’s one more option in town when you’re looking for a creative night out: paint-your-own ceramics at the MaluMika pottery studio. Long a solid option for kids’ parties and creative types in the States, the experience is now available just down the road. 

The concept, for the unfamiliar, is pretty simple: MaluMika provides the blank, unfired ceramics, a variety of glazes in many colors, brushes, trays and water. You provide the inspiration and work. After you’ve painted your design, MaluMika puts on a final coat of glaze and fires the piece in their on-site kiln. In a few days you can pick up your new treasure. (Prices start at around 20 zloty; firing is included in your purchase.)

There’s a wide variety of blank ceramics for you to prove your artistic merit. There are coffee mugs and tea cups, serving platters and cheese plates. Seasonal items are also available: for Halloween there were jack-o-lanterns and skulls, and the upcoming holidays will be represented as well. 

MaluMika is the brainchild of Amanda Anthony, a transplanted Chicagoan who moved to Poland four years ago. She was looking for a change of pace from teaching English when her entrepreneurial streak met up with memories of a favorite childhood hobby. After finding an open, airy space on the edge of Nadodzre neighborhood and tracking down a kiln and suppliers, a business was born. 

Early days were a little slow, but today, she says, “MaluMika is growing. It has been a challenge at times because it is hard to get the word out, but when people come in, they usually come back and they tell their friends.” She works hard to encourage her customer’s creativity, because for her the best part of the job is seeing what people create.

On my visit, the attitude inside was light and the vibe friendly. We went during the Halloween season, and sat together with families who were oohing over each other’s creations; people made friends with strangers over the glaze selection, or chatted about ideas for their piece. Amanda and her employees – everyone speaks both Polish and English – are friendly and encouraging. The result for us and the rest of the room was outsider-art “masterpieces” fit for coffee, cheeseplates, or displaying on the mantlepiece. 

The future holds more of the same, with extras. The space is available for groups by reservation, and Amanda is  always trying to come up with interesting events and offers – check out MaluMika’s Facebook page or their website for more details.

MaluMika, Jagiełły 3/5

Telephone: 728 801 309 Website

Mike Ramberg

Mike Ramberg is an American writer recently relocated to Wroclaw from Ankara, Turkey (And South Korea before that). He blogs occasionally at

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