Record Turnout For ‘March Of The Patriots’

Right wing group the National Polish Rebirth (NOP) have achieved their aim of attracting a record number of people to this year's 'March Of The Patriots', with reports suggesting the amount of participants was in the region of 10,000. 

In the weeks before the march the NOP said they were confident of reaching the 10,000 barrier, and so it proved yesterday as as a record crowd descended on Wroclaw train station to take part. In comparison, a reported 7-8,000 people turned up for 2014's march , while 5,000 people attended the year before – indicating that the event is growing in popularity at a substantial rate.

The NOP believe in a so called "third position" – an ideology that considers abortion, artificial birth control, euthanasia, divorce and homosexuality as wholly unacceptable. The third position also supports a policy named by the NOP as "racial separation". 

Yesterday's march took place under the anti EU slogan of "Together against the Brussels occupation" and was supported by several cars with megaphones, plus banners, flags, pyrotechnics, speeches, live music and organised chanting. The anti-EU theme was particularly evident as the march came to its climax at the statue of Boleslaw the Brave, when the organisers expressed their anger towards the Union by torching a European flag.  


Burn baby burn … an EU flag is set ablaze (Photocredit: Ania Tomczak)

This year's march, just like the one last year, passed without any violence or serious acts of disorder. The only crimes that took place during the event were the lighting of pyrotechnics and the consumption of alcohol in a public place, with a few of the participants walking with either a beer or a flare in hand. For the first time in a few years the equivalent march in Warsaw also passed safely without any clashes. 


"No To The Islamification Of Europe" (Photocredit Ania Tomczak)

During the march numerous patriotic songs were sung, together with several anti-communist and poltical chants. A list of some of those are as follows:

  • "God, Honor and Fatherland"

  • "This is Poland, not Brussels. Here we do not support perversions!" 

  • "No rainbow, no pink, Wroclaw always honorable "

  • "Down with the European Union"

  • "On the trees instead of leaves will hang communists"

  • "Roman Dmowski architect of Poland "

  • "Wroclaw – city of nationalism."

  • "Yesterday Moscow, today Brussels" 

  • "Poland for Poles. Poles for Poland"

Opinions on the refugee crisis also featured in the march, with the large banner pictured above reading "No To The Islamification Of Europe". Some participants even sported clothing containing similar messages (such as the man in the photo below). 


A young man sports anti islamic clothing while watching a metal band peform  (Photocredit Ania Tomczak)

The majority of those at the march appeared to be young men, although it is important to point out that they were by no means the only ones present at the event. As you can see in the photo below, the march also attracted its fair share of families and childen. 


A family walk hand in hand at the march  (Photocredit Ania Tomczak)

As in previous marches, a foray of pyrotechnics were set off to spectacular affect.

9420 9882

Participants light up the night sky with flares (Photocredit Ania Tomczak)

Despite one or two fears that things could kick off at the march, there were no clashes between police and demonstrators. Last night Wroclaw police made it clear that they have carefully monitored and recorded any acts of illegal behavior present at the march, and that appropirate action will be taken against anyone who did break the law.


You can watch video coverge of the march via the YouTube clip below:

What is Wroclaw? The European Capital of Culture 2016? Or perhaps the city of nationalism? Let us know your thoughts via the comments box below:

Gregor Gowans

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