Cali na Biało: Improvised Theatre Hits Dialog Festival Club

With the Dialog festival in full swing, the official festival club Nietota is hosting a quirky night of spontaneous and interactive theatre with the help of the Cali na Biało team. 

The group's aim is to strike a chord with those audiences who can't quite relate to the sometimes over-philosophised world of contemporary theatre. 

By taking on audience proposals and improvising on the spot, the theatre group have proved they have energy in abundance and are willing to adapt to any suggestions from the diverse crowd who attend their shows. 

Cali na Biało's latest gig is tomorrow night at Nietota, kicking off at 8pm. Entrance is 10zl, but suggestions are free 😉 

Gregor Gowans

The founder and editor of Wroclaw Uncut, Gregor has been running the website since its inception in 2012. A Wroclawian for almost 10 years, Gregor writes on a wide variety of topics including, food & drink, nightlife, local news and politics. He is also a regular guest on Radio Ram's Sunday lunch programme.

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