Crudop: Appetizing Express Pizza (Closed)

Crudop, a new Italian eatery in the Grunwaldski area, offers enticing pizza with vibrant and tasty ingredients at very reasonable prices. 

Located next door to the popular Georgian take-away U-Gruzina, which sells satisfying and filling chaczapuri, Crudop seems to be aiming to create similar success with their modest and minimalist Italian venue. 


Crudop's primary offering consists of slices of square shaped pizza, which are cut to the size of your liking and then sold by weight. The pizza is prepared and baked in the oven on a continual basis whenever supplies diminish, and then placed by the counter for you to choose from. You can take as much or as little of each pizza as you want, then choose whether you want it to be reheated or simply ate cold. You can however, also order a freshly made pizza or some of the other Italian favourites on the menu. 


The interior is very basic but clean and tidy, with the venue's colour coming from the appetizing food on display and the atmosphere boosted by the staff quickly doing the business in the kitchen. 


On our visit we ordered a 'pic n mix' of different pizzas, all of which were packed with tasty ingredients such as cured ham, salami, artichoke, potato, sun-dried tomatoes and more. The base used here at Crudop is definitely thicker than you'll get at Happy Little Truck and Piec na Szewskiej, yet it is no less tasty – the crunchy base does a great job of sustaining the deli produce layered on top, making for a satisfying feed. 


You can also order some alluring stuffed breads, which go down treat once they're out of the oven. Crammed with cured meats or grilled vegetables, these really will brighten up lunchtime – perhaps even more so than the pizza! 


The two pictures of pizza served up on the wooden chopping boards above cost approximately 16-17zl each, which is a bit of a bargain these days. The stuffed breads meanwhile, are priced at about 7-8zl each. 


When it comes to new venues, one virtue that we genuinely crave here at Wroclaw Uncut is ingenuity and creativity. So many new places just do the same things everyone else is doing. Thankfully Crudop have come up with a novel and interesting concept with their humble and affable pizzeria, one that no doubt will be appreciated by those in the neighbourhood. 

Crudop, Ul. M.Curie-Sklodowska 5/1A

Telephone: 71 728 86 60, Website

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