Ślepy Zaułek: Brunch Venue Vies For Pokoyhof Supremacy (closed)

Ślepy Zaułek is an all-day venue that's doing its bit to get a fair share of the crowds gradually steering towards Pasaż Pokoyhof.

Described on its Facebook page as a 'breakfast and brunch' venue, Ślepy Zaułek appears to be finding its own niche among the company of its Pokoyhof neighbours. The area already includes French style bakery and bistro Charlotte, gastro pubs Parish and DoJutra, plus the popular bar/nightclub Szajba. With that in mind, Ślepy Zaułek seem to be a mission to create a place that somehow fits in between all of them. 

The result is a contemporary bar with an artistic and industrial decor that serves decent, reasonably priced snacks and meals from midday till late. 

Ślepy Zaułek isn't Wroclaw's best place for breakfast, lunch, dinner, craft beer or even a weekend gathering with friends. That said, it does manage to do all those things pretty well – making the place one of Wroclaw's most versatile venues and a reliable bet whatever the time of day. 

Like the neighbouring DoJutra, Ślepy Zaułek has taken its time to find its way after opening up a little bit prematurely. On my first visit the bar's walls were decorated with empty Ikea picture frames – I wasn't sure if it was an ironic gesture, a mystical statement or just work in progress. Since then Ślepy Zaułek have made great strides with the interior by adding a little furniture and decorating the walls with some contemporary artwork. Together with the addition of the beer garden, these changes have allowed the Ślepy Zaułek to express some much needed personality. 

Pasaz Pokyhoff 

On two seperate visits to Ślepy Zaułek, we ordered some toast with hummus and tapenade (left) and a sandwich with caramelized red onions, rocket and blue cheese (right). Both meals were tasty and we had no qualms about the prices either. 

Ultimately, while Ślepy Zaułek fails to excel in any particular area, they have created a place that does a good job across the board. The food is decent, they have a small selection of craft beer, play alternative music and generally do all things asked of an Uncut recommended venue. So despite not being anything to rave about, Ślepy Zaułek still very much has the thumbs up from us. 


Ślepy Zaułek, ul .Świętego Antoniego 2/4

Telephone: 669 622 789 Website


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