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Bistro Station: Practical But Mediocre

Bistro station, ideally located across the road from Wroclaw's main train station, aims to lure in hungry travelers with the promise of a quick hot meal at a relatively low price. 

Following the model set by the STP chain, diners help themselves from the selection of food on offer and take their plate to be weighed next the till. The grub is typically Polish, with the likes of potatoes with dill, schabowy, zurek soup, pierogi and bigos some of the options available. 

Bistro Station Bistro Station

The self service restaurant is housed inside a characteristic building that's shared with the Piast hotel, which is basking in the summer sun after its recent renovation. Admittedly, Bistro Station's interior falls some way short of befitting the building in which it is located. Nevertheless, it is clean, bright, relatively comfortable and practical. On the roasting hot summer's day when we were there, the air con was working nicely and it was pleasantly cool and cozy inside. 

Bistro Station Bistro Station

Bistro Station charges 3.10zl per 100g, which resulted in the dishes below costing around 13zl and 17zl respectfully. Those prices are clearly not going to burn a hole in your pocket, yet when compared with other self service restaurants and milk bars, they don't represent the best value for money in the city either. 

Bistro Station Bistro Station

When it comes to the food, nothing we sampled was bad in any way, yet in equal measure nothing set the heather alight either. Indeed, there are quite a few tastier budget options available in town.

Bistro Station

If your office is nearby or you need a warm meal before a long train journey, Bistro Station will serve its purpose without any disappointment or drama. For those looking for a great meal on a small budget however, Bistro Station's rather mediocre offering is likely to come as a bit of a letdown.  

Bistro Station, Piłsudskiego 98

Gregor Gowans

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